French language first class support!

Living in France can sometimes come with its load of pain and stress caused by the language barrier or cultural difference.

We offer specialised translation and interpretation help for English speakers and are the answer to your French language SOS call.

Sit back and rely on our multi cultural experience as a French native led organisation with extensive  expertise in many trades and industries !

Our assistance with French language extends from a simple email translation to assisting you for a live interpretation of your meting with the Notaire on the important day you are finally signing for that  house (purchase or sale).

If you are looking for advice on the best way to deal with an issue related to French language, even with an emergency, we are your best, most efficient port of call ! We’ll deal with your translation or question in French with you.


Our services in dealing with French language

French First Aid Clinic

Urgent translations of short documents

Response time under 4 hours

Translation / Interpretation

Let us translate any meeting live, anywhere in France via phone conference

Document Translation

From French to English and English to French.
We translate all kinds of documents (including medical, technical and in all trades and industries)


Let us translate letters or emails you want to send or that you have received.


We can assist you anywhere in France because most of our work is done remotely. Interpretation work is done through phone or skype, allowing us to assist you all over France. In addition, located in La Rochelle, we can easily meet you in person if you are nearby!