kate-sevozAs a French native, I made my move back to France a few years ago as an expat.
At that point, I had spent most of my adult life in Kent, UK. I understand some of the frustration and stress that occur when you live in (or are moving to) another country.

The dreaded French administration lived up to its reputation! Even having perfect French was not the key. Indeed, knowing the system and who to turn to as well as knowing how to address those French organisations was the key to settling in the fastest and most cost effectively.

In essence, that’s what makes us best in class, more effective and efficient. Have a look at our pricing structure and you’ll quickly see there is no faffing about with us and everything is clear and open!

Our work ethics are to be transparent in everything we do and create a relationship of trust with our clients. We are proud to say that our clients have turned to friends!

Welcome to the smoothest way to settle in France!
Welcome to The Translation Connexion!