Correspond in French



Be guaranteed to correspond in French language as freely as if it were your mother tong!

Many a time when we need to communicate we are not facing our interlocutors. In fact a large percentage of our daily communication takes the written form. Receiving a letter trough the post and being unsure as to what it contains, what the content means and the consequences of not understanding what that letter is about (similarly with emails) can be stressful.

In your own country with the right language and cultural skills and knowledge, this would be a simple natural thing. But when in a new and different country, corresponding at distance can become a dreaded issue…

Especially with the French! says Kate… And I am French! But so many professions, especially the official type, like to use terms and sentence turns that seem to come straight from centuries ago! French can be such a complex language when it comes real estate ownership or rental for instance. At The Translation Connexion we realise just how impactful it can be to misunderstand a written document or send the wrong wording and lose credibility.

Have a sigh of relief and be certain that The Translation Connexion will translate these Emails and Letters on your behalf.

There are cost efficient options available. Contact us for more information.