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Dear Kate, I cannot thank you enough for your services that you provided me, at all times you kept in contact with me and i always knew how much the translations would cost, you have been invaluable to me, you are the needle in the haystack and have made my life in France even better.
Thank you so much for your wonderful service and i WILL DEFINITELY USE YOU AGAIN and RECOMMEND YOU.
Kindest Regards
Avalon Carp and Catfish Holidays France

Great fast, efficient, friendly service

The most friendly and personal service available, you put yourselves out of your way just to meet up and put faces to names, incredible!

Kate is worth her weight in gold!

Click here to read the full testimonial from Fleur. Find out in what circumstances her and her family needed very urgent help and what lead her to write this outstanding statement!

Kate, you are an angel!!

Having been in France for 4 months, Carianne had a job offer on the condition she could get her Carte Vitale and with it her Social Security number. The title of this paragraph is the first sentence of the last email Carianne sent me!

Kate Just to say thanks very much for helping me deal with the recent tricky situation recently that I was in. This was partially due to inevitable disputes over money but also a fundamental cultural difference between how we Brits and the French do business in some areas. However you swiftly and skillfully defused what come have got very messy indeed. Happy to recommend my UK clients to you – thanks again – Adrian Carter
Thanks for your great assistance in getting to root of this issue.
Best wishes,

Dear Kate
Just wanted to thank you again for all your help with Société Générale bank. I am so pleased that you were able to resolve everything for me.
I will be putting a cheque in the post to you today in full payment of your invoices.
Kind regards, Robert
Having only moved to France a few months ago, receiving correspondence in French can seem a little daunting. This can be magnified when you are trying to start up a small business when forms, letters and all manner of documentation is needed to be understood and questionnaires filled out. I truly breathed a sigh of relief when Kate and The Translation connexion were there to help and guide me through the process. Its a pleasure to know she is always willing to help and make sure its all done correctly. Kate and the Translation Connexion offer and comprehensive, professional and friendly service and one I am happy to recommend to others.
Andrea Wilson


As any property owner who has dealt with French red tape knows, negotiating a smooth path through a phone dispute/or problem in France, requires fluent language skills.

Not only do you have to have perfect French, but you also need a solid understanding of the way French business works.

Problems such as handling the intricacies of a dispute with French utilities, dealing with a complaint about bank charges, or speaking with a government tax department, requires a deep understanding of French culture. To succeed you have be professional and persistent, with the patience of Job.

Kate Sevoz from Translation Connexion possesses all of these fine qualities. 
With you, she’ll be polite, pleasant and personable. Hiring her will spare you precious time, leaving you to get on with enjoying France.

Not only will she stop you from tearing your hair out in frustration, but she’ll spare you those long hours on the phone and save you a lot of money in the process.

Tim Hollis