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Translation Services that the The Translation Connexion has on offer was what David Hennessey of ESREA France suggested ESREA France readers might want to know a little more about. This is how the podcast interview came about.

Kate was simply delighted, though a little nervous at first!



the translation connexion

In this Podcast you will:

  • Discover Kate, her background
  • what makes her and The Translation Connexion unique
  • Find out also what is the most unusual request TTC received
  • What is the most common type of document TTC is asked to translate

    Hear David Hennessey say I wish I’d known your service when I first came to France with my family

    and: Your English is so good, you’re excellent! I think that’s fantastic! I think clients will feel really comfortable (for those who have yet to work with you) or those whoalready have worked with you have felt comfortable, because you are really able to understand the nuances, words and everything, etc…

Kate Sevoz Podcast interview with ESREA France



To listen to the full interview podcast, just click on the link into the TTC specific ESREA France Page, or simply play the YouTube video below!






Should you have any questions about the Translation Services TTC offers, or feel you may need some Admin Help and Assistance, do please feel free to make contact with us. Part of our Translation Services is to offer FREE guides on how to live France the easy admin way! In fact, you can even request your guides simply by sending us an email or by subscribing to them through the popup which you saw on arriving on our site and that you will see on leaving our website. Our latest guide is how to fill in and what to do with your Feuille de Soins.


Enjoy the podcast and feel free to share this page and the interview along with your friends!

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