You say problem?  We say Troubleshooting!



New dedicated bank account legislation for AEs
Is a dedicated bank account compulsary or not for Auto Entrepreneurs? This link from the official government guidelines will give you the answer!



Carte Vitale / Health Cover Registration
Whether you’ve just arrived in France or have been in the country for a while, you may not yet have got health cover. We will get your cover organised and in a lot of cases, you will be able to get reimbursed on health expenses already spent.



cogsCreating your business in France ?
Depending on the activity, the size of the company and other criteria, France offers different status to register your company under. The body to which you will be attached will also vary, obligations and tax scheme, etc…
We can advise you and help you set it all up.


papersTax questions and issues
You’re not sure if you have to file for tax return? Need someone to make the link with the tax office on your behalf?
You’re going through a bit of a rough time for whatever reason and could do with payment facilities on that tax you just received? We can discuss your specific case with the tax office and get payment facilities or even taxes waved off in some cases!




Benefits allowance
France offers different kinds of benefits. Depending on your specific situation you may be entitled to an allowance.
We can help you identify which ones, and how much.


shockHaving issues with a utility bill?
That bill you just received doesn’t make any sense to you? Or perhaps you would like to have some changes made to the contract you’re currently on because that was simply the set up of your predecessor? Or maybe you’ve just nearly passed-out at the amount on your water or electricity bill?


There are so many ways in which we can help you relieve your stress and resolve issues.  Tell us your story – we are here to help!  Email