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French Real Estate Buyers 3 Reasons to Translate Documents


By David Hennessey, Founder of ESREA France

When you buy French real estate and you do not read, write or speak French at a professional level, you are taking a risk in your purchase.



Risk number One

Did you know that French property is sold in ‘as is condition’?

When you sign the ‘compromis de vente’ you are agreeing to the details in this document. You need to make sure you understand what is written in the document so to avoid any misunderstandings as to, for example, what is included in the property and what is not. I have met people who thought the beautiful kitchen cabinets were included but they were noted in French in the ‘compromis de vente’ as excluded.



Risk number Two

French real estate running expenses

Before signing to purchase a French property you need to completely understand the running expenses. For example, What exactly are the ‘charges mensuelles’ and what is included?


Risk number Three

French real estate diagnostics

When you buy a French property you will receive a copy of the diagnostic reports that are required for the seller to provide to the buyer. You need to understand every detail in these reports to make sure you don’t buy a home with expensive problems.



You can work with an English speaking French notary and an English speaking French real estate agent who can assist you with the questions that you have but even with the assistance of an English speaking real estate professional you will not receive translations of the documents. You will need to get your own translations done so you can completely understand the details.


If you would like to contact an English speaking French language translator you have found one in the expertise of Kate Seroz the founder of The Translation Connexion who is French native and a professional translator.


Do you want to learn more about French real estate in English or locate an English speaking French real estate specialist visit ESREA France.

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David Hennessey
Founder and Consultant

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