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Leslie Xifre, Epicurean in pictures shares her passion with The Translation Connexion

Leslie Xifre is from the Tarn area of France, in the south West, not far from Toulouse where she studied History of Art. Her passion for taking photos started very early on in her life. That passion grew and matured over time alongside her professional life.

It was her then employer who spotted her talent and gave her carte blanche for the full 2012 to go hunt for images that transpire culture. That’s when it all fundamentally started for Leslie as a photographer.

Since, Leslie XIFRE has primarily been working in the field of vine and has more recently added gastronomy, design and decoration as extra strings to her bow.

Her great wealth of heart and true altruism recently pushed her to generously volunteer to capture a great charity event launched by well renowned French Chefs of the famous Châteaux & Hotels Collection. They, together, donated their time and some of their passion and art into a free dinner to Restaurants du Coeurs in Bordeaux on Dec 3rd 2015.



Leslie Xifre - Graph'imajesLeslie Xifre - Graph'imajesLeslie Xifre - Graph'imajesLeslie Xifre - Graph'imajes


Hi Leslie,

Thank you for letting The Translation Connexion a little bit into your world!

You know we love your photos and your way of beautifying people, emotions, terroir and life in general…

What kind of vision of the world do you have as an artist and what is your way of translating it into pictures?

I’m passionate about passionate people who have a bit of life and a bit of their life to share. I am of inquisitive and epicurean nature and I love to share a moment, a look, a gesture through pictures or even just simply put my creativity at the service of my eye.



Where do you come from and how old are you ?

I come from the South of France, from the fields and the pink city. I blocked the counter at 25…


What brought you to Photography?

When I really started, taking photos was like freeing myself from all the darkness in my life. It then became leisure, pleasure, encounters with beautiful people, sharing, challenges, work, exhibitions and requests…


What are your favourite topics to capture?

Why and what guided you towards these themes ?

Man under all angles (sous toutes ses coutures), including strengths and weaknesses. Man’s work, earth, values. The world of vine, gastronomy and more recently design and decoration.

It is encounters that constantly define and guide my life towards new experience with photography, often, beautifying and adding value to work, an object, a person or a brand.




What is your job about today ?

Let’s say that today, my picture epicurean side is lead to manage and lead social media over the internet on behalf of other companies or people. It’s basically called being a Community Manager. I am dreamingly freelancing right now, which alows me to join the best of both my passion for pictures and my creativity whilst remaining independent.

Where are you based?

Whereabouts do you work or where can you go to work ?

I am now Bordeaux based but my clients are located all over France, which I love as it allows me to travel and discover new horizons.



Where can we find you on social media if we want to follow you?

Primarily Facebook:



and also on





Do you exhibit your art ?

Where can we see your photos ?

At TTC we’re just obsessed with your photos and the way you sublime everything your capture. Thank you so much for allowing us to publish your photos on our website and Facebook, we’re so grateful…

It is with pleasure that I share with TTC, one of those encounters, a friendship, a love at first sight that goes back years, and yet is still at the early stage of the transformation of the caterpillar into a butterfly. This picture is Kate and I a few years ago 😉

By Leslie Xifre

I exhibit as and when I make new friendships and upon request from friends (yes, always and only through friendship and for friends). The heart and all the values that pump with it take a huge part in part my art and the way I portray and display it you see! It can sometimes be in cellars, restaurants, art galleries… I’m not shut to new ideas and I love offers that are a bit out of the box.



So can we get in touch with you to discuss calling out for your services?

Leslie XIFRE

tel: 06 82 95 30 79



Thank you so much Leslie for allowing us to enter your world for a few split seconds. Please keep up your passion and sharing it with us, your love for what makes your heart tick makes our eyes twinkle, and we just want more !!!

Kate xxx

The Translation Connexion

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