Fleur Hollis Gleave – 06 – Biot

Carte Vitale
Water Overage

“My Husband and I and our two children moved to France in July of last year.
We actually engaged Kate to help us with finding a way to gain health cover in France. We are not entitled to free health care here, as we are not a part of the french social system (my Husbands company is UK-based which means we pay tax in the UK, not France).

However, within days we were in the midst of a dispute with Veolia. Kate’s remit changed. We discovered we had a hidden, but huge leak under the house which had been gushing (and wasting) water, for months. The bill was astronomical and we knew we had to appeal to Veolia. I had heard about the minefield of french bureaucracy, so I didn’t fancy the prospect of making the necessary phone calls in my limited French. We were so pleased that we had Kate at the end of a phone to reach out to, who made all the calls for us.

She helped us through the very complex business of appealing to Veolia, researching our legal rights and liaising with our french landlord. She found a law that protects people in cases of water overage, which meant that instead of a having to pay Veolia 5.836 Euro’s, we actually paid them 247.74! Kate is obviously worth her weight in gold! The case isn’t completely finished, as we have to wait until Jan next year for the final bill, but we are keeping our fingers crossed that we will be able to appeal at least part of the remaining amount (approx 2,000 Euro’s). I will certainly pick up the phone to Kate, as I’m sure we’ll need assistance then, too.

Her translation services are invaluable and she has been an enormous support. She is warm and friendly and always professional, clear-thinking, calm and unwaveringly efficient. French bureaucracy was everything I had heard and more. I can safely say now that I have experienced it in all it’s demented glory. Thank goodness we had Kate, I think I would have gone mad making the journey without her.
Now we are starting on our next project with Kate. Getting back to the medical cover! She has found a way of utilising the Tax we pay in the UK to apply for reciprocal cover in France. There’s even hope I’ll be able to recoup the expenses I’ve incurred retrospectively, since we arrived in France. I’m sure I could never have gleamed this information solo.

Everyone needs a Kate in their life!”

Fleur Hollis Gleave – 06 – Biot